Photo: China Studies-Learning Focuses

China Studies-Learning Focuses


  • Identify and demonstrate principles and best practices of written and oral communication appropriate to business contexts.
  • Create effective written communication.
  • Recognize and effectively navigate through different cultural scenarios.

Business skills and knowledge:

  • Establish global and regional environmental context understanding the implications of differing market systems and institutions for business enterprise.
  • Demonstrate and articulate how to adapt to various legal and systemic cultural and country differences.

Leadership and teams:

  • Understand the principals of servant leadership and team dynamics from the Christian worldview in various life and work situations.
  • Engage and navigate cultural boundaries in team environments.
  • Demonstrate ability to work with diverse groups to effectively address business challenges.

Ethics and legal issues:

  • Recognize and apply relevant domestic, foreign, and international laws and protocols.
  • Critique and apply ethical paradigms to various global scenarios.

Global business:

  • Understand political, social, culture and organizational dimensions of global business.
  • Compare and evaluate global supply chain models and international corporate structures and strategies.

Christian worldview:

  • Understand the core elements of the Christian worldview and its relationship to vocation.
  • Utilize diverse situations and identify key issues that are relevant from the perspective of Christian worldview.
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