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Graduate Business Seminar in Little Rock

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

LR Seminar ClassThe Summer I Entrepreneurialism Seminar, held at the JBU Little Rock Center, introduced valuable tools to students who desired to increase their knowledge and proficiency within the area of entrepreneurship as it relates to business planning, marketing and e-commerce. The session was taught by Maxie Carpenter, who has more than 27 years' experience with Walmart and over 13 years' experience in entrepreneurialism, business development and marketing.

The intensive session incorporated a dynamic and multi-layered learning experience, including a unique combination of hands-on activity, technical training, and teaching from top-of-the-field professionals. The Contemporary Topic Seminar was attended by 13 JBU Graduate Business students.

Carpenter introduced learning tools for both entrepreneurialism and intrapreneurialism. One of the highlights for the students was participating in a Google Hangout with its founders.

Another highlight was a panel discussion with members of City Connections in Little Rock. Jeff Spry, president of City Connections, coordinated a panel of speakers who represented various nonprofit and for-profit business and organizations. The panel spoke on topics such as conflict management, starting a new business, networking in the community, and building relationships out of trust.

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