Your search for an alternate pathway to completing your degree has led you here, but you may have some questions about being an online student and how you can connect with others in your program.

In an online learning environment, students and their instructor are bonded together entirely through technology. They never convene physically; their interactions and learning begin and are facilitated through technology. The online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree from JBU, is designed to encourage students to support each other and feel part of a community of learners.

Through integrating live web conferencing, streaming video, narrated PowerPoint presentations, and facilitated discussion; courses in this new BSBA program are delivered fully online, over an eight week period. Just like face-to-face courses, JBU online courses allow learners to receive content from their instructors, ask questions, network with other students and obtain practical resources and information to help them succeed in their program of study. Unlike face-to-face classes, however, students can attend from anywhere and at any time that fits their schedule, which is ideal for those who are challenged by time or distance in seeking to complete their degree.

In the online community, you can also connect with other students by sharing praise and prayer requests on course discussion boards, celebrating milestones in your life and asking for prayer support from others during the tough times that we all experience.