European Art Tour

Annual Two-Week Trip of Art Across Europe

European Art Tour

The European Art Tour is an annual two-week trip to one or more European destinations for the purpose of seeing great art. We take a maximum of 12 students and two faculty and we visit major art galleries, museums, and architectural sites as well as iconic local sites and fun local color. We stay in hotels, eat in restaurants, and have a great time. The cost of this trip is greatly subsidized so it is a real bargain. Typical locations include Paris, Amsterdam, London, Rome, Venice, Florence, Madrid, and Barcelona, but every year is different.

In the summer of 2014, students toured Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Salzburg, and Munich. Learn more.

2014 European Art Tour



European Art Tour 2015: Madrid, Cordoba, Granada, Sevilla, & Instanbul

WHERE?  Madrid, Cordoba, Granada, Sevilla (Spain) and Instanbul (Turkey)

WHEN?  June 3 - June 15, 2015

WHO?  The trip will be led by Neal Holland and Todd Goehner.

HOW MUCH?  $2100

COURSE CREDIT: Art History (3 hours) credit available

For more information, contact Neal Holland, Todd Goehner, or Jeannie Abbott.