Missionary Kids

Reasons to be an MK at JBU


John Brown University is made up of a diverse student body. Of the 1,200 undergraduate students at JBU, almost ten percent are missionary kids (MKs) from over fifteen different countries. So what's it like to be an MK at JBU and why do they come here? Read on to find out.
The MK Admissions counselor is Christa Slagter. If you have any questions about the admissions process you can contact her at Christa@jbu.edu.

"One reason I chose JBU was the high percentage of students from other countries that make up their student body, including international students and MKs. While JBU will be so different from the world you know as a missionary kid, it does have a lot to offer you. The school works hard to coordinate events for missionary kids through Mu Kappa, get-togethers with the missionaries in residence, host families, and more. It really is a huge blessing to have others on campus that you feel a common bond with as an MK!"
-Suzy Fetherlin, MK from Quito, Ecuador


We are affordable

"Courteous, well-informed financial aid officers helped us with the in's and out's of how to pay for our daughter's education. From the beginning we were treated with respect and made to feel that our questions were important. When we expressed concerns, the JBU financial aid department gave solid, caring answers. The bottom line is that the staff worked hard to help us come up with an affordable way to attend JBU."


You will feel at home here

"Our first contact with JBU was through the Admissions office... we were warmly greeted and treated extremely well... the staff ran to answer our every question, showing us the school and connecting us with other helpful people in the school. Before we ever arrived at JBU we had been e-mailing with some of the admissions staff. We are thankful to the Lord for the caring and professional people that helped us through the admissions process at JBU."


An MK parent:

"The high percentage of MKs and international students has made JBU an even better fit for our daughter. She has found supportive MKs to hang out with and a good number of activities in which to participate. The MK resident family provides activities and a safe place that help her to feel a little more at home. Knowing that these dependable people are there has given us peace about being so far away. The biggest blessing to me is that JBU has stayed true to its strong spiritual mission. It is evident that Jesus Christ makes a difference on this campus. We are thrilled that the leadership of the school has created this environment that is a perfect place for MKs to transition back to the U.S., THANK YOU, JBU!"


Missionary-in-Residence and Mu Kappa

MKs are an important part of JBU. Each year, a selected missionary family serves as Missionary-in-Residence. Their role is to be a "home away from home" for MK students. We also have Mu Kappa, a club for MKs, that provides encouragement, fellowship, and understanding among its members.


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