Early Credit

Earn College Credit Before You Get to College


As college tuition becomes more expensive, students and families are looking for ways to reduce the cost of getting an excellent education. At JBU we are committed to providing ways for you to earn some college credit while you are still in high school and before you move on campus. These Early Credit options (in addition to what you can get through AP or CLEP tests) can really help families who would like to provide a great Christian higher education for their children, but need some creative ways to pay for it. Our options include the following creative programs:

Link Year

For students who have graduated high school but would rather do something other than go right into a traditional college setting. Students live in community at camps or with ministry organizations and experience a variety of learning and service opportunities, all designed to make holistic disciples. Students can earn between 2-23 hours of college credit. Our current partnership is with Kanakuk Link Year in Branson, MO.

Concurrent Enrollment

JBU proudly partners with select Christian high schools all over the nation to provide courses taught by the most excellent of teachers for college credit. JBU professors provide the curriculum and grading criteria, and also give oversight to each individual teacher at each partner school. Students who attend these partnering schools can earn 3 – 24 hours of college credit depending on the school.

Summer Academy 

John Brown University is excited to invite you to the Summer Academy series for high school students.  Students will explore in-depth a specific field of study at JBU as well as experience living on campus and what North West Arkansas has to offer!  The academies help students gain immense college experience while being academically prepared for college classes. Maybe you are thinking about a future career in engineering?  Perhaps piano is your thing?  Or you could even love exploring the answers to tough questions?  We've got you covered this summer with three academy options: Engineering (non-credit), Piano (non-credit), and Great Ideas (one credit hour). 

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