Lauren Huffman

Counselor for Oklahoma, Washington County, Arkansas & the Eastern U.S.

Lauren Pemberton

Phone: 479.524.7423

Text:  479.259.2219


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Where are you from? I was born in Texarkana, Texas. Texas side. I might have had one of the worst southern accents ever- don’t worry, it only comes out when I’m tired. When I was 8 we moved to Joplin, MO.

What activities were you involved with at JBU?  I was on a branch of student activities known as BLUE (Bringing Live Uncut Entertainment). During my last two years at JBU I became Director of BLUE and LOVED it. Concerts and events are two of my favorite things. So when I was given the opportunity to plan musical events for the campus, I was all over it!  Between BLUE and school work I didn’t have a ton of extra time, however I found a few minutes to be a writer on The Threefold Advocate and occasionally help lead worship in Chapel. Oh and being in the Family Weekend Talent Show became a hobby of mine.

Major in college? Public Relations with a minor in Photography

Why are you working at JBU? My parents came to help me move out on graduation weekend, and I hadn’t packed a single thing. Even though I was happy to have completed my degree, I was not ready to leave JBU and everything I had known the last four years. During my time at JBU, I made the best friends, was pushed intellectually and spiritually, and quite literally had the time of my life. When I was offered the chance to help others have the same experience I did, I couldn’t pass it up! Plus I don’t know if you’ve met any of our staff, but coming to work every day is like a party. You should visit and see for yourself.

What are your favorite things to do in NWA? Going to concerts, eating ice cream, discovering natural food stores, working out, and drinking coconut lattes at cool coffee shops…. Ok, ok I like to do that in every city.  I like any activity that involves the sun and a body of water, whether that is a pool, river, or lake. Beaver Lake in AR is pretty swell. Oh and the people in NWA are legit. In case you were wondering, they don’t all look like Jed from Beverly Hillbillies.

Favorite movies? Pirates of the Caribbean. The first movie more than any others but hey if it’s got Captain Jack Sparrow in it, I like it. Any movie that makes me laugh real hard is also a keeper. The only genres of movies I don’t care for are horror and sci-fi.

Favorite books? Redeeming Love, a Gospel Primer for Christians, Crazy Love, My Utmost for His Highest, Note to Self, and Shadow of the Almighty.

What's one word or phrase that describes you? Ridiculous, it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

What quick advice would you give an incoming JBU student? Get plugged in and be intentional with your time here. After college I moved to Nashville, TN and then to Kansas City. I prefer cities over small towns, but the people at JBU are the reason I moved back to Siloam Springs. Never take for granted the community on this campus. Take it from someone who’s lived a lot of different places, it is hard to find elsewhere.

Describe your family: My family consists of me and my husband, Chris. We enjoy living in Siloam as we navigate the adventure of being newly-weds. Not only did I become a Huffman by marriage, but also a Kansas City Royals fan.

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