Jamie Odom

Counselor for Texas & Washington County, Arkansas

Jamie Odom

Phone: 479.524.7169/ Toll Free - 1.877.528.4636

Text: 479.289.5410

Email: jamie@jbu.edu

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Where are you from?  I’m originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma but spent the last year living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Major in college? English-Creative Writing with a minor in Family and Human Services.

What activities were you involved in at JBU? Honors, LSI, theater, and the captain of enthusiasm for an intramural indoor soccer team.

Why are you working at JBU? 
I fell in love. I fell in love with this town, this university, its staff, the students here, and when I moved away, I missed it. I believe in JBU, and I wanted to come back and share with others the joy that I found here.

What are your favorite things to do in NWA? On summer nights when the day has cooled off just a bit, I like to walk around downtown. I always end up running into people I know, and the park at the end of Main Street is perfect for watching the sun go down.

What's one word or phrase that describes you? Sweet and sassy.

What are some movies you enjoy? Muppet Treasure Island, Big Fish, and The Proposal.

Describe your family: Tall, witty, and plentiful (there’s a whole lot of us)

What quick advice would you give an incoming JBU student? Stop caring about what other people think of you and simply be yourself. You’d be surprised by how much people will like you just as you are.

Travel Schedule

Second Baptist School (Houston) fair
Fort Bend Christian (Houston) school visit

McKinney Christian Academy (DFW) school and lunch visit
Greenville Christian (DFW) Counselor visit

Wylie Preparatory Academy (DFW) school visit
Lucas Christian Academy (DFW) lunch visit
Dallas Lutheran (DFW) school visit

Bethesda Christian School (DFW) school visit
Pantego Christian Academy (DFW) lunch visit

Carrollton Christian College Preparatory (DFW) school visit
Willow Bend Academy-Plano (DFW) school visit
Prince of Peace Christian School (DFW) school and lunch visit

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