Frequently Asked Questions about LSI

Why does the world need Christian leaders?

In a time of world conflict, disagreeable social issues and the dire needs of millions around the world, Christian leadership is needed more than ever before.  We believe that God’s Kingdom can and will be glorified through Christ-centered leaders.  We want you to be the leader that is willing to go and do what no one else is in order to have a positive influence in a world where freedom, love and joy come at a cost.
Freshmen LSI Students at Event

What is LSI?  

LSI is an innovative, four-year leadership development program that takes place inside and outside the classroom.

Why LSI?

Experience a community of growing leaders; learn more about your identity, passions and purpose; do hands-on leadership; and enjoy the LSI Center where you will feel at home.

How much time does LSI take?

LSI is designed to work alongside your academics and enable you to lead in your classes and extracurriculars. LSI will require a time investment on your part; however, it is still manageable with even the most demanding of schedules. During your first semester, plan on attending six events including a weekend retreat. In subsequent semesters you will have between three and five events per semester.

How many people are accepted in LSI?

About 32 students are accepted into each LSI class.

How much does LSI cost?

Absolutely nothing! LSI is an investment in you and your future. You will not pay for anything as part of an LSI event.

Can I join LSI anytime during my four years at JBU?

No. The only time you are able to join LSI is in the first few weeks of your freshman year.

Can you combine LSI with other involvements?

Yes. As a matter of fact, we encourage you to do so. LSI is designed to help you become a better leader, which means you will be enabled to lead others in any and all of your other involvements. However, do keep in mind LSI does require a time investment on your part. You will need to keep this in mind when planning your semester schedule.

What’s the coolest event in the first semester?

The Freshmen Retreat! We go to a nearby retreat center and spend a weekend equipping and empowering you to lead in your community through team-building, leadership development sessions and independent projects.

What kinds of people join LSI?

All kinds of people. Whether you think of yourself as a leader already or are not sure what leadership is, LSI will equip you with skills and empower your passions so you can bring glory to God's kingdom.

What about the Leadership Minor?

The Leadership Minor is specially designed to pair perfectly with LSI. It gives you a chance to dig even deeper into the leadership conversation. Check it out more here, or ask a Director about it. Many of them are leadership minors.

Will I like it?

If you are interested in discovering how to turn your dreams and passions into reality and better understanding what it takes to lead a team of people and develop them into leaders for God’s Kingdom, LSI is the place for you. You will love it!

Is it boring?

Our Director team spends countless hours building specialized events for your specific LSI class. Everything you will do in LSI is designed with you in mind. Boring is out of the question!

Are events optional?

Again, LSI does require a time investment from you. You cannot develop as a leader if you are not present for the development. With that said, academics, varsity athletics, and important personal matters may cause you to be unable to attend an event.  If you have extenuating circumstances that prohibit you from attending an LSI event, communicate that to us with no less than 24 hours notice. We can work with you on making up an event; however, if your reason does not fall under one of those three categories, please be at the events.

Are there snacks?

We unashamedly admit that we pride ourselves on providing good snacks. You will not go hungry during an LSI event. 

Questions?  Please contact anyone on the LSI Team, including:

Dr. Becci Rothfuss brothfuss@jbu.edu

Student Directors:
Sarah Ruhl ruhls@jbu.edu
Jana Strom stromjj@jbu.edu
Kendra McIlvain mcilvaink@jbu.edu
Drax Geiger geigercd@jbu.edu
Kamber Burleson burlesonk@jbu.edu
Mallory Jones jonesmal@jbu.edu

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